Al-Sadiq International Conference on Multidisciplinary in IT
Al-Sadiq International Conference on Multidisciplinary in IT












مؤتمر "الصادق" العالمي لتداخل التخصصات في علوم وتطبيقات تكنلوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات – 2016

بأسناد علمي من المؤسسة العالمية IEEE


 Al-Sadiq International Conference on   Multidisciplinary in IT and Communication Science and Applications  (AIC-MITC) - 2016

                   IEEE sponsored      (  pending )
April 18-20 2016, Baghdad, IRAQ

Brief Description

The evolution of the IT and Communication Technologies and Applications in the last few years has been characterized by dramatic changes to the way users behave, interact and utilize the different networks.
The rapid introduction of new categories of applications such as network games and peer-to-peer, the increasing presence of malicious traffic, and the widespread use of Information Security techniques, make the measurement, analysis and classification of IT a a d Communication applications challenging task.
The research community and many network operators are responding to these changes by designing and deploying different solutions, and new applications with increased complexity. Such activities are pivotal for researchers, developers, service managers and providers, as well as for end users involved in the evolution of the It and Communication networks.
This Conference is intended to serve as a forum for scientists and engineers in academia and industry to exchange and discuss their experiences and research results about all aspects of Multidisciplinary Prospective in Science and Applications of IT and Communication Science and techniques. The Accepted papers will be submitted to the International library IEEExplore.

Conference Chairman and Founders:

Husain Ibrahim Baraka – Jafar Al-Sadiq University - IRAQ

Sattar B. Sadkhan- IEEE IRAQ Section- IRAQ

Tracks of the Conference
The Conference is soliciting high quality papers discussing original and innovative experimental activities, unpublished and not currently submitted for publication elsewhere, on topics, including but not limited to, the following:

( The scope of the conference covers, but not limited to the following topics:)

# IT Technologies and Applications

# Wireless Networks

# Computer Networks

# Cognitive Computing, Radio, Networks, and Cryptography

# Information Security

# Information Hiding

# Digital watermarking

# Cryptology ( Cryptography and Cryptanalysis)

# Security Evaluation.

# Soft-Computing Techniques and their Applications

# Spread Spectrum Techniques

# Cloud Computing and Networking

# Data Mining

# Digital Signal Processing

# Robot Design

# Control Systems

# Energy and Power Techniques

# Blind Source Separations

#  Chaos Based Cryptography

# Quantum and its applications

# E- Learning, E-Governments, E- economics

# VANETS Applications


# Information Theory in Information Security

# Statics and Applied Mathematics in Information Security

# Nano-Based Computing, Communication And Security

# Hybrid Crypto Systems

# Data Compression Techniques

# Smart Networks and Network Convergence

# Wireless Sensor Networks and Their Applications

# Digital Forensic

# Challenges of Wireless Security

# Green  Electricity ( Green Power Networks)

# Green Communication and Networking

# 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, WiMAX, and 5G

# CDMA, OFDMA Technologies

# Identification of Digital Modulated signals

# Speech Scrambling Techniques

# Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Networks (SDN)

# Digital Image Processing and Their Applications

# Future Communication Networks

# Biometrics and Their Applications

# Cybernetics

Organizing Committee

Nihad H. Salih – Jafar Al-Sadiq University – IRAQ

Ali Hussain Ibrahim – Jafar al-Sadiq University – IRAQ

Saad Muhammad ali- Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Sattar B. Sadkhan- IEEE Iraq section- IRAQ

Rahim Younis Alazzawi- Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Mohanad Sameer Jabar- Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Sabiha F. Jawad – IEEE IRAQ Section – IRAQ

Methaq Talib- Al-Mustansyria University – IRAQ

Makki Jasim -  University of Baghdad - IRAQ

Wurood AdulKarim Jbara – Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Steering Committee:

Saad Muhannad Ali -Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Sattar B. Sadkhan – IEEE IRAQ Section- IRAQ

Raheem Younis Alazzawi- Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Nidaa A. Abbass – IEEE IRAQ Section- IRAQ

Muhanad Sameer Jabar-Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ


International Scientific Committee

Sattar B. Sadkhan – IEEE IRAQ Section- IRAQ

Nidaa A. Abbas – IEEE IRAQ Section- IRAQ

Ghassan H. Majeed- Ministry of Higher Education- IRAQ

Mohanad Sameer Jaber- Jafar Al-Sadiq University  - IRAQ

Ali Shehrbaz -University of Northampton-UK

Fang Wang – Brunel University- London - UK

Ibrahim Omary -  King Abdulaziz University-Saudi Arabia

Serkot Namiq – Baghdad University- IRAQ

Hadi T. Zebon- University of Technology–IRAQ

Mohammad kazemifard – Razi University –IRAN

Sedat Akleylek- Ondokuz Mayis University- Turkey

Youcef Soufi- University Larbi Tbessi – Algeria

A.S.N. Chakravarthy- Jawaharal Nehru Technological University- India

Bazil Taha- Universidad Autonoma de Madrid- Espain

Aleksandra Mileva- University Goce Delcev in Stip- Republic of Macedonia

Eva Volna- University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani- Anbar University - IRAQ

Members of International  TPC

Ali Tarish – University of IT and Communication - IRAQ

Jane Jaleel- University of IT and Communication -  IRAQ

Ibtesam Raheem Karhiy- University of Technology- IRAQ

Afaneen Alkhazragy – University of Technology- IRAQ

Jinan M. Abbas – Anbar University- IRAQ

Ziad M. Abood- Al-Mustansiryah  University–  IRAQ

Rana S. Mohammed - Al-Mustansiryah University –  IRAQ

Enas M. Hussain- Al-Mustansiryah University–  IRAQ

Abdul-Wahab S. Ibrahim- Al-Mustansiryah University –  IRAQ

Emad I. Abdul-Kareem- Al-Mustansiryah University–  IRAQ

Amal A. kadhim- Al-Mustansiryah University–  IRAQ

Intisar A. Yousif- Al-Mustansiryah University–  IRAQ

Tariq A. Hussain- Al-Mustansiryah University– IRAQ

Khalid Ali Al-Mayah  - Al-Mustansiriah University- IRAQ

Haider K. Hoomod - Al-Mustansiriah University- IRAQ

Salim A. Abbas- Al-Mustansiriah University- IRAQ

Abdulrahman Ikram Siddiq- Northen Technical University - IRAQ

Ann Zeki Magdacy Garges- Technical College Kirkuk - IRAQ

Osama Ali Uhaibi- Kent University -  UK

Ali Ahmed Abed - University of Basra-    IRAQ

Jaafar A. Aldhaibani - Ministry of  Science and Technology- IRAQ

Zahir M. Hussain - University of Kufa - IRAQ

Essa Ibrahim Essa- Tikrit University – IRAQ

Ahmed Nasser Alsammak- University of Mosul - IRAQ

Hadeel Kassim Aljobouri- Al-Nahrain University - IRAQ

Abduladhem Abdulkareem Ali- University of Basrah - IRAQ

George Tsaramirsis- King abdulaziz University- Suadi Arabia

Abdal R azak Shehab HadiI- University of Kufa - IRAQ

Firas Shawkat Hamid - Northern Technical University - IRAQ

Hussain K. Chaiel- University of Thi-Qar- IRAQ

Baraa Ali Attea- University of Baghdad - IRAQ

Husam Ali Abdulmohsin- University of Baghdad - IRAQ

Loay Kadom Abood- University of Baghdad - IRAQ

Faten A. Dawood- University of Baghdad - IRAQ

Sarab M. Hamrrd- University of Baghdad - IRAQ

Ali  A. Ali- Isra Private University- Jordan

Jawad Ali- University of Technology - IRAQ

Ramzy Ali- Basrah University- IRAQ

Muna Alnayar- University of Technology- IRAQ

Akram Bati- Kranfield  University - UK

Rupa Chiramdasu- VVIT - INDIA

Alaa Farhan- University of Technology - IRAQ

Raad Fyath- Al-Nahrain University, College of Engineering- IRAQ

Methaq Gaata- University of Al-Mustansiriyah - IRAQ

Saad  T. Hasson- University of Babylon - IRAQ

Yossra Hussain- Baghdad University- IRAQ

Thamer Jamel- University of Technology - IRAQ

Atheer Matroud- American University in Sulimanyia- IRAQ

Aleksandra Mileva- Goce Delcev University- MACDONIA

Nadia M. Ghanim- University of Technology- IRAQ

Fadhil S. Abed – Polytechnic University- Sulaimani IRAQ


Omar Talal Mahmood - Northern technical university/ Iraq

 Mohammed Yahya Suliman - Technical College –Mosul - IRAQ

Saad A. Makki - Al-Mustansyria University- IRAQ

Karim Q. Hussin - Al-Mustansyria University- IRAQ

Murtadha  Aldeer- The State University of New Jersey - USA

Issa Ahmed - Technical College – Basra- IRAQ

Malik Abdulrazzaq Jabbar - Al Iraqi  University - IRAQ

Ali Adil Yassin- Basra University, - IRAQ

Thair Ali Salih - Technical Collage Mosul- IRAQ

Jabbar Abbas - Science & Technology-  IRAQ

Ayad Ibrahim Abdulsada- Basra University - IRAQ

Ghassan H. Majeed- Ministry of Higher Education- IRAQ

30 - Walid A Hassan- Basra University College of Science and Technology- IRAQ

Ahmed Ali Bahrani - University of Kentucky - USA

Jasim A Ghaeb - Philadelphia University-  Jordan

Makki Jasim Maliki- The University of Baghdad - IRAQ

Ali Hussein Al-Timemy- Baghdad Uni - IRAQ

Ehab Abdulrazzaq Hussein- University of Babylon - IRAQ

Ghaidaa A. Bilal- Babylon University - IRAQ

Munther A Hassan- Ministry of Justice- IRAQ

Nidhal K. El Abbadi- University of Kufa - IRAQ

Qais Matti Alias- University of Technology - IRAQ

Viktar Yu. Tsviatkou- Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio electronics – Belorussia

Sedat Akleylek- Ondokuz Mayis University - Turkey

Osama  Majeed  Almiahi- Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio electronics – Belorussia

Baqir Jafar Sadiq- Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio electronics – Belorussia

Hydear Makki Hameed - Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio electronics – Belorussia

Hassan Kassim Mohammad- Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio electronics – Belorussia

Ashty Aaref- Kirkuk Technical College- IRAQ

Hanan A. R. Akkar- University of Technology- IRAQ

Laith Abdul-Rahaim- University of Babylon -IRAQ

Sinan Abdul Satar- University of Technology - IRAQ

 Majed Al-Hafid- University of Mosul- IRAQ

Sameer Al-Juboori- Kirkuk Technical College- IRAQ

Ban AL-Kallak- Al-Nahrain University - IRAQ

Najla Aldabagh- Mosul University - IRAQ

Nooruldeen Qader- University of Sulaimani- IRAQ

Salih Qaraawi- University of Technology- IRAQ

Amer S. Almallah- Al-Mustansyira University- IRAQ

Bayan Sabbar- Al-Nahrain University- IRAQ

Ali Sagheer- Salah Aldeen University- IRAQ

Abdulbary Suliman- Mosul University- IRAQ

Kaydar M. Quboa- Mosul University _IRAQ

Hussam Dheaa Kamal- Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Samaher Hussein- University of Babylon - IRAQ

Sadiq A. Mehdi, Al-Mustansyria University-IRAQ

Asso Majeed- Sulimanyia University - IRAQ

Wesam S. Bahya- University of Babylon –IRAQ

Rajaa alden Abd Khalid- Al-Nahrain University- IRAQ

Jalal Hatem Hussain- Baghdad University- IRAQ


Publication and Media Committee:

Wurood AdulKarim Jbara – Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Evan Younis Jihad -  Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Sabiha F. Jawad- Al-Mustansyria University- IRAQ

Rana Muhsin AlSalman - Al-Mustansyria University- IRAQ

Ahmed Alayadi – Kirkuk University- IRAQ

Bilal Radhi Mohammed- Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ

Karrar Abdulkhabeer  Ali- Jafar Al-Sadiq University- IRAQ


Special Workshops:

There will number of workshops:

  • Iraqi industry , Status and Challenges
  • Scientific Research and Quality of Research in Iraqi Universities. Status and Challenges
  • Information Security in Iraq.. Status and Challenges
  • Women in Science and Technology
  • Soft Computing in IT and Communication

Each workshop will based on the submitted papers from the participants.

Also, there will be invited lectures. The scientific committee accept lectures and Tutorials.

Important Dates
Papers submission deadline:    January 30, 2016
Notification of decision:      February 29, 2016
Camera-ready deadline:         March 20, 2016

Instructions for Authors
Perspective authors are invited to submit using the EDAS system a full paper of not more than five (5) IEEE style pages including results, figures and references. Papers will be reviewed with the standard reviewing procedure.

Accepted papers will be published on ACM/IEEE Digital Library (pending approval).

ملاحظة: تودع البحوث المقبولة بعد التقويم العلمي الرصين في المكتبة العالمية : IEEE-xplore

Conference Communication
Sattar B. Sadkhan, IEEE IRAQ Section - (
Muhanad Sameer Jabar, Al-Sadiq University, IRAQ- (